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donJoomla has launched! Hurray!

Wow, I cannot believe it. I’ve been thinking about making this site for so long I started thinking I was never going to make it. I actually bought the domain nearly 2 years ago but never got round to it as I’ve always been way too busy with work but I guess all it took was some time off in the Moroccan sun (where I still am right now). I know it’s still a bit rough round the edges and could do with a lot more content but it’s a work in progress and the biggest hurdle is over.

The site may only be launching with 3 Joomla! extensions but whenever I have the time I will be cleaning up another and uploading it here so you can expect many more as my harddrive is full to bursting with 5 years worth of components, modules & plugins! Of course many of them are outdated by now or cannot be published due to agreements with clients but there’s still a fair few that I am sure will be of use and many more I’m currently working on!

To stay up-to-date with my new release why not follow me on Twitter: @donjoomla

Rather than go rambling on about what else I’m going to do and how smug I feel about it I’m going to get back to work. Stay tuned!

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