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JForms Module 1.6 stable released

I’m happy to announce the release of JForms Module 1.6!

New features include:

  • Live Update Update the extension from your Joomla! back-end
  • Google Spreadsheets Plugin Save the submitted form data straight to a Google Spreadsheet!
  • Your Mailing List Plugin It is now possible to sign up users to your YMLP mailing list through JForms Module.
  • Data manipulation The API of JForms Module has been updated to allow plugins to manipulate the data before it gets sent.
  • Name splitting JForms Module can now split full names into first & last name so the form gets pre-populated correctly with logged in users details.
  • Bootstrap 3 Includes layouts for Bootstrap 3 as well as Bootstrap 2 now.
  • Custom JS API JavaScript API to call your own functions on various form events (eg. when sent etc.). Documentation to follow.
  • Performance The module has undergone numerous improvements to optimise performance, including moving all the JavaScript to a separate file and various PHP tweaks

For more information & downloads please visit

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